Red Dragon... No it's not a sexual innuendo John

So Saturday night Kayla was finally able to persuade me to go to the Red Dragon with her. It wasn't that difficult really, with a face like that?

Okay before I derail this post lemme get back on topic.

So it turns out the Red Dragon was just under a mile from my apartment... in fact it was close to where I hop on the bus some mornings to get to campus. Pretty inconspicuous place which I loved, it's kind of like a public secret.

It all started with her raving about this "one place" that has really awesome stiff drinks and cool atmosphere. Emphasis on stiff drinks. Of course this peaked my interest being the adventurous alcoholic I can be...

Getting there she recommended the Wonderous Punch, which is what they sell the most of according to the pretty chill waiter we got. I figured why not, first time might as well. Kayla got the Tokyo Tea, which made me want to think it would have an apple taste but I was wrong. Very wrong. Gin anyone?

First impressions being... damn... this is basically 95% alcohol. And I love it.

John and Courtney eventually arrived and joined our festivities. After little discussion, Courtney decided on the Molly Ringwald and John got himself a pitcher of Honeyweiss. Excellent choices all around.

It was good seeing those two again, it's been too long. Then again, I haven't seen a lot of my friends due to personal... issues but that hopefully is all behind me. I just wanted time to myself, but really did long for interaction with friends.

As the night wore on, the Wonderous Punch definitely made it's mark. I was pretty surprised really, and pretty glad. I did end up ordering some Egg Rolls however... nomnomnom. I wanted to share with everyone but Kayla was the only taker since John and Court already had free pizza. Boo.

I also proceeded to order myself a pint of Newcastle, partook in a pint of John's Honeyweiss, and consume the remainder of Molly Ringwald since Courtney was the designated driver. Ohhh was Molly Ringwald fruity deliciousness.

All in all I had such a great time... I don't remember some things from that night but it's all good. I might've talked to some people on the phone/texted them and things of that nature, if I spilled the beans on something please let me know and we'll work on getting you to forget it.

After we ended up leaving around... 1 or 2AM Kayla and I went walking to try to find a sub shop. Didn't work. We just ended up walking up and down Lyndale, but that was alright because I was in good company. I may have cut the adventure short by trying to use technology to locate us a shop, DAMN YOU BLACKBERRY you've let me down. Why couldn't you just not work?

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  1. Looks like ur having fun, Lakk.