Empty Highways

I was wondering why they were shutting down I-94 the other day, and then this weekend I realized that they were doing work on this bridge. Apparently after talking to a woman I ran into while I was taking photos, she said that the reason (according to a worker she spoke with) was that pieces of the bridge were dangerously close to falling into traffic.

This would be no good, I ran over a piece of big ass cement before driving to campus on the bend where it's really fucking dark, and it's not a good thing lemme tell you. I'm glad they're being preemptive about it.

These photos were taken on the back end of their work, when they first started it was a lot more intense and sparkly. Pretty fun running into someone else as well, even though I'm more of a solitary shooter. I do enjoy bringing people with me just to give me company and share the adventure but that's pretty much it.

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