I'll do the best that I can

If I open both of my eyes
I'll still see an empty space so empty.
But if I keep them closed,
there's still a chance something is out there
- Frozen Creek, Circa Survive

That's how I feel a lot about other things. Probably more so recently regarding relationships and "love" in general.

I'm afraid to open myself up and allow that possibility or even pursue it, because there isn't anything there. The fact that I don't leaves that mystery of what if... it leaves me wondering if someone out there is capable of loving me, or if I'm capable of loving them.

Sometimes, it hurts less than the truth y'know?
The worst part is I know it's not healthy.


  1. Realistically, most people feel this way at one point or another. Just continue being yourself and take each day for what it's worth. The best things come along this way. Love yourself, and the rest will fall into place. :)

  2. Ya! Wat he/she said! Quit being a pussy man. Live your life and the rest will fall into place. If you want speed the process up then do cool activities like volunteer at the Humane Society, or maybe join an Ultimate Frisbee league (co-ed of coarse) or something (both allow you to meet people). Fucking snap out of it man, it's O.K. to have a pity party once in awhile, but enough is enough. Do something already.
    Love ya,

  3. I am most definitely living my life and letting things fall into place.

    What to me is just a quick little thought that I wanted to write down came off as a pity party?


  4. Lakk,
    Man, I have been watching you struggle now with the same crap for well over a year. I know losing a GF is a big deal but you are a great guy and it's time to stop dwelling on past things and discover new things. Nuff said.
    I still luv ya!