Multimedia with Schulte

One of the fondest memories I have of highschool is running around making videos and what not for Schulte's multimedia class. It was such a different environment than all the other classes where we just go in an go through the motions... I actually was really productive.

Making a music video for the Kasabian video was pretty fun... essentially breaking school code and sneaking out the back of the Mac lab with John and Spencer to run around filming some silly video out in the snow. Best time spent in school other than shooting the shit in the commons to be honest with you.

I remember we were out on the Apollo Pond shooting a scene which led to John running through reeds and basically eating it after he broke through the mess. But like the badass he was, he immediately got up and we continued the shot. Little did we know at the time that a "concerned" parent driving by ending up calling the school office and our escape was foiled by "security".

Thanks Schulte for being the coolest teacher not because you didn't give a fuck because you did, but because you let us breathe. Some people took advantage of it, some people took it to heart.

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