April 10, 2010

Dreams Dreams Dreams

It seems that these really vivid dreams I've been having of late are finally over with. I was ruffling through my papers the other day and found a sheet in which I scribbled down some words in what looks like really deplorable handwriting. It soon dawned on my however that these were the writings I had one morning when I was pulled from my sleep.

My eyes burst open. The room is still dark but a glimpse of dawn was trying to break through the blinds. Although it was just a dream it left me with a sense of uneasiness. It's the feeling you get when you know something is wrong but there isn't absolutely anything you can do about it. I fumble around blindly in the dark, my eyes still not ready to operate as they should. I find my pencil and notebook, and I begin to etch away in the darkness.

Little fruit snack value pieces turn into blackjack randomly
Pull tab dudes - the two guys Vinny went abroad dreads hat and little guitar Playing some weird techno match game with some people, 2 dudes, 2 twins, and an Asian chick and her boyfriend. Sunshine 2009, they were losing.

The Pull Tab dudes were the guys that would always buy tabs from me when I worked at the Gas Station in High School. They'd always come in and regardless of tips or not I'd always not like it just because it was an inconvenience to me and I've never seen so much money get thrown away in search of a little piece of cardboard.

Vinny going abroad, dreads hat and little guitar. I have no fucking idea. I know Vinny recently went to Seattle lately and maybe it's about how jealous I was of him and how much I want to go abroad to another country.

Weird techno match game with some people?
The 2 dudes are the guys from Sunshine 2009 video that I've made an ongoing joke of mine. 2 Twins of mine I'm not sure but it sounds pretty kinky... and an Asian Chick and her boyfriend were most likely Mayla and her boyfriend.

Still though, WTF @ fruit snacks?

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