April 8, 2010


So in the past week I've cut my fingers on numerous items around the apartment, out and about, and at work as well. This is the latest wound which was caused by me being impatient and trying to pry apart some cow bones from each other because I wanted to make some pho ASAP.

It was really stupid of me, as I was pointing the business end inward and I knew it would just pop and the blade will be coming at my left hand... but I did it anyway. At first I was like "Oh cool, nothing got hurt" but upon further inspection there was a pretty big gash in my middle finger.

Of course I don't have band-aids, fuck.
Good thing it didn't bleed like crazy.

So instead of trying to deal with it in the open I decided to wrap a paper towel around it and use one of my twist ties I have just lying around to twist it into place. So far, it's working pretty well I just can't seem to type properly even though I'm doing pretty decent right now.

So what did I learn from this?


I do stupid things, expecting the worst of consequences.
Well, at least I'm somewhat resourceful.

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