March 12, 2010 : Part 2

Wolves Monday

I went and saw the Timberwolves on Monday with Bentson, Jordan, and Alex. We all dressed up super fly, so it was a lot of fun. The seats were ALL the way back in the 4th. 260 dollars PER ticket, with an accompanying private bar to go along with it. However expensive the beers and drinks were, it was a lot of fun. They didn't serve free food though which is some serious bullshit. 5 bucks for some simple sandwhich, what's up with that. I didn't pay 260 dollars for these tickets, and I want free food.

It was a great time talking crap to the Mavericks and listening to Voit and Bentson just cuss up random players. We were on TV a whole bunch of times since the cameras were all actually facing towards us, so it was really cool.

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