March 1, 2010


I remember waking up today commenting on how tired I felt. Stayed up late last night writing my paper and doing Japanese homework. I seem to never have enough time to do anything, but at times I find that I have too much free time on my hand. Don't understand.

Gorgeous day outside, I didn't have my camera on me to capture it however. Absolutely warm and crisp outside, this is what 35 degree weather is suppose to feel like.

As I walk across the Washington bridge, I get a hint of sadness that I'm alone amongst all these people. Hidden behind my sunglasses, I'm able to not feel awkward or the urge to get out of the situation by jumping off the railing into the thawed Mississippi below.

I have an amazing amount of free time in between my morning classes and Japanese. Why doesn't anyone I know confess to me that they love to take little walks out in the sun and enjoy the presence of each other? Maybe I just long for human contact when I'm all alone. But I like it.

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