So yeah it seems like I've been in this position many times before, high stress low calm. The past two months of being worry free were absolutely great, and now just like many things in life it all comes to a head.

Be it school, money, housing, or personal shit, it will all hit you at once when you really don't want it to. Funny enough though it truly is all my fault, be it me turning a blind eye to delay the inevitable as much as possible or just blocking out the rest of the world so I can find some piece of my own happiness.

No matter! We've been here before and this year will be the last... I say this a lot... and I say that a lot... and I said all that before... but I feel different now. Probably said something earlier to the effect that maybe I'm just masochistic because the stress and voices in my head helps my writing immensely but that was really the only good coming out of it.

It's kind of like fire, you can let it consume you or bend it to your will.
But we all know how playing with fire goes, sometimes you get burned and sometimes it goes out because your friends are incapable of keeping a campfire going but it's a good thing John Dragich is there because he'll somehow reignite it with one tiny as coal he dug from the bottom of all the ashes.

For those of you who got that last reference, you deserve yourself some ice cream. Go get some right now.

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